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Our starter bundles for airsoft are great if you're looking to explore airsoft for the first time.

Each bundle exists in either a two-tone or black or tan variant - thus allowing players who don't yet have a valid defence an opportunity to purchase their own airsoft gun.  If you have got as far as having a valid defence from whichever site you are registered with, then we'll ask for this if we don't have any records on file and you order products that need it.

Each bundle includes the gun, 2 batteries to power it, a smart charger, a set of eye protection and a bottle of BBs.  That's all you need to get your first gun up and running and be safe while using it.  If you want something to protect the bottom half of your face, you can always check out our huge range of face protection.

G&G Armament

G&G ARP556 Starter Bundle


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