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Our starter bundles for airsoft are great if you're looking to explore airsoft for the first time.

Each bundle includes a Rifle, Batteries, Smart Charger, a set of basic eye protection and a bottle of BBs.  That's all you need to get your first gun up and running and be safe while using it. You may find yourself wanting better eye protection, a lower face guard or even a complete goggle system, check out our huge range of face protection for all the options.

Each bundle exists with a Imitation Fireaem (IF / Two-Tone) commonly in Blue or Bright Green or If you have gained you Valid Defense a Realisitic Imitation Firearm (RIF) in Black, Tan or Both - thus allowing players who don't yet have a valid defence an opportunity to purchase their own airsoft set up and for those with a Valid Defense everything you need in one place. For those that hold a Valid Defense, Our Checkout System will ask you for your details at the appropiate time.

Want a Starter Bundle but the rifle you want is not currently avalible in one? E-Mail Us! We will review your request and see what, if anything, we are able to do for you.

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Heretic Labs Article 1 Starter Bundle


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