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Super5ives has one of the largest airsoft supply chains in the South. From ASG and Nuprol through the Tokyo Marui and G&G. We have thousands of high quality airsoft products available at our fingertips.

Even if you can't see it here on the website that doesn't mean we can't get it for you. With a supply chain spanning the length and breadth of Europe to bring you quality products at affordable prices.

Browse the categories using the menu on the left, or click on the search button at the top right of the page if you're looking for something specific.

Starter Bundles
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Our starter bundles for airsoft are great if you're looking to explore airsoft for the first time. Each bundle exists in either a two-tone or black or tan variant - thus allowing players who don't yet have a valid defence an opportunity to purchase their own airsoft gun.  If you …

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If you're playing airsoft, you're going to need one of these!  That said - don't rush out and buy a two-tone gun on day one (you've got a very limited selection) unless you're desperate to play with your own kit.  You're much better waiting out those first two months to …

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Many airsoft guns run on battery power, otherwise known as electric airsoft guns or AEGs.Here at Super5ives, we have a wide range of batteries from VapexTech, one of the leading battery suppliers to the electric car racing hobby. All of our batteries are supplied wired for airsoft use with either …

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BBs are your "ammunition" in airsoft - and it's confusing.  So many weights, brands, etc.  Our advice is simple: If you know what you're after, use the product finder below to find exactly what you're after.  If you're not sure - then 0.2g BBs are generally always a safe bet.  …

Eye / Face Protection
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The single most important thing in airsoft is your eye and face protection.  Eye protection is mandatory for all players, spectators, camera crew, anyone in the playing area in fact and must meet EN166 standards for all solid polycarbonate eye protection.  Many paintball goggles are also suitable, including the ever …

Gift Cards
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Our gift cards are the perfect thing for that airsoft player in your family.  Whether it's a Birthday, Christmas or other special occasion, our gift cards can be reloaded time and time again. Note: Reloading an existing gift card cannot be done online at the moment.  If you wish to purchase …

Parts & Spares
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Here at Super5ives we like to keep a variety of spare parts in the warehouse.  From motors and springs to gears, tappet plates and bearings, we tend to keep a large stock available. If you're not confident about fixing your own airsoft gun, then drop it in and one of …

Cases & Bags
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Need something to protect your expensive airsoft guns?  We've got a huge collection of bags and cases to suit all needs.