Meet the team

We're a small team here at Super5ives.

Chris - Director

Chris' Photo

Chris is our director, sales manager, IT department, and just about a bit of everything else as well. Not afraid to get stuck in to any job, small or large. He's usually the one answering the phone calls, emails, and messenger.

The company has, pretty much, consumed Chris' life at this point and he's never sure whether he's working or not. There's always tweaks to be made to the website, or improvements to be made in the warehouse. However much you might think he hates this, he loves it.

Craig - Warehouse manager

Craig's Photo

Craig is our warehouse manager. Having joined the company less than 6 weeks before the global Coronavirus crisis, his time with us in 2020 was quite limited, but he's made a huge impression.

You'll often find him working the counter on the third Saturday of the month while Chris is away at events.

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