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Paintball would not be paintball without these! With many different qualities and brands to choose from, it's often a challenge to work out which paintballs you need. Here at Super5ives, we work hard to ensure that we stock paintballs that are suitable for every kind of paintball marker (gun). Our paintball range is new for 2023, and as a result, it's somewhat limited at the moment, but will expand as the demand grows.

For recreational players, we recommend you look at the GI 2-star and 3-star options when available. Alternatively, consider the GI Custom which is similar quality to a 2-star ball.

For the competitive player, we'd recommend choosing the 3-star, 4-star or even 5-star if you need absolute perfection.

Please note: We are still working on the best way to ensure paintballs arrive to you undamaged. Paintballs shipped by courier are not covered by their insurance and we cannot claim for any damages. We strongly recommend you collect from us if you can.

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