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The EK3 Rail Kit for L85A2 style rifles takes a L85A2 and converts it into an L85A3 style rifle. This product is the full kit and includes:

  • The rail itself
  • The mounting block
  • The sight rail

The rail kit features a monolithic, 40 slot top picatinny rail for the attachment of sights and accessories as well as a 15 slot bottom rail. There are also 9 EKey attachment positions on either side of the rail to allow for the addition of extra rail segments.
Much like the actual A3 rifles, the front rail is held in place by a single screw, which allows for easy removal of the rail and easy access to the battery space on both the G&G/AA and ICS designs.

This kit does require the removal of the original gas block of the rifle, however no permanent modifications have to be made, allowing this kit to be removed at a later date and the rifle restored to its original configuration.

Designed by Ben Skinner (The English Kiwi) and made possible by a collaboration between ourselves and our UK-based engineering partners, the entire system is UK designed, UK manufactured and assembled and UK distributed.

Note that this design aims to look as close to the A3 spec as possible and therefore uses a proprietary modular mounting system on the side of the rail, which we have called EKey. It is designed to have similar appearance to that of the HKey (a H&K owned mounting system) used on the real A3, but, as far as we are aware, that is where the similarities end. EKey is not compatible with Keymod, or HKey, however we will be releasing EKey rail segments to allow the addition of accessories to the side of the rail.

English Kiwi Airsoft

EK3 Rail System for WE L85A2


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