Wolverine Airsoft Storm Category 5 Regulator

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From Wolverine Airsoft we have the STORM Category 5 Regulator.

The STORM Category 5 is the next evolution of the STORM regulator, the original dedicated airsoft regulator. The Category 5 is optimized for reliably fast, adaptable, and consistent performance across the entire pressure range needed for HPA products. Get the most out of your Wolverine Airsoft HPA system!

This regulator has become one of the most popular regualtors currently on the market. Its compact design with simple, maintance friendly internals and great perofrmance have made it the go to choice for many.

Get an In-Depth look at the STORM Cat 5 on Wolverine Airsoft's YouTube Channel

Please read the manual!


Pressure Range: 60-180psi

36% larger piston area than classic STORM and faster refresh rate

2 fewer sealing surfaces than classic STORM

12% shorter than the classic STORM (2.33in/59.3mm tall)

Simplified zip-tie tournament lock

Foster (F202) US Output Fitting

What's in the Box?

Wolverine Storm Category 5 Regualtor

Adjustment Allen Key (7/32")

Wolverine STORM Velcro Patch

Category 5 O-Ring Kit

Supplied without line, however, we stock a wide variety of Amped Airsoft HPA lines.

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